The following enrollment information applies to all students of the Lone Star State School of Taxidermy in Llano, TX:

2023-2024 Class Dates

2 Week Taxidermy Course

September 18th – September 29th, 2023

January 8th – January 19th, 2024

March 11th– March 22nd, 2024

May 6th – May 17th, 2024

July 8th– July 19th, 2024

 September 2nd – September 13th, 2024

October 28th– November 8th, 2024

6 Week Taxidermy Course

September 18th– October 27th, 2023

January 8th – February 16th, 2024

March 11th– April 19th, 2024

May 6th – June 14th, 2024

July 8th– August 16th, 2024

September 2nd – October 11th, 2024

1 Week Tanning Course

August 28th– September 1st, 2023

October. 30th– November. 3rd, 2023

March 4th – March 8th, 2024

June 17th – June 21st, 2024

November 11th – November 15th, 2024

1 Week Processing Course

***Processing Courses are limited since we only hold them during hunting season***

November 6th– November 10th, 2023

December 18th– December 22nd, 2023

November 18th– November 22nd, 2024

December 16th– December 20th, 2024

Tuition Breakdown:

Taxidermy 2 Week Course: $3,000

Taxidermy 6 Week Course: $8,500

1 Week Processing Course: $1,500

1 Week Tanning Course $2,000

(Options to break up the Courses, prices listed below)

3rd Week of the 6 Week Course (Life Size & Habitat Scenery) $3,000

4th Week of the 6 Week Course (Birds) $1,500

5th Week of the 6 Week Course (Rattlesnakes) $800

6th Week of the 6 Week Course (Novelty, waxing and painting) $200


Bryan Waligura, Instructor


Classes are held Monday thru Friday 8am to 5:30pm with 2 fifteen minute breaks during the day and a one hour lunch. Classes will not be held on National Holidays which include, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Please complete the following form and submit it to us. Alternatively you can download the form by clicking here, fill it in and mail it to us along with your tuition payment to the address shown at the top of the form. Please contact us with any questions you may have. Thank you.


Student Enrollment Agreement



Lone Star State School of Taxidermy #S5315
104 Rio Llano Dr. South
Llano, TX 78643
(325) 423-0521

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