Tanning & Processing Schools

We are excited to announce that Lone Star State School of Taxidermy is now offering Processing Classes and Tanning (Fur Dressing) Classes!!

We are the ONLY accredited Processing & Tanning School in Texas!!

Processing Course

Hunting is a Multi-Billion dollar business and many hunters choose to have their hunted kill processed into a variety of different cuts and flavors, such as sausage links, dry sausage, jerky, summer sausage, burger, back strap steaks, slim-jims, breakfast sausage, and even chorizo. While Lone Star State School of Taxidermy has been teaching students how to preserve hunters trophies through our Taxidermy Courses, we have now expanded to teach you how to harvest the meat for the hunters. This week long Processing Course, teaches the basic fundamentals of how to properly cut up the wild game, season it, smoke it, package it and price it.  Bryan owned his own Taxidermy and Processing shop for over 25 years and was wildly successful and he hopes to pass this trade on to others who want to learn whether for business or for fun,

Tanning (Fur Dressing) Course

Tanning and Fur dressing is where the beginning of mounting a hunter’s trophy starts. Most Taxidermists send their hides off to a Tannery and may wait months to get the hides back. We are offering a Tanning course that will teach you how to tan the hides on your own from a soft tan to a pickle tan, this week long course will provide you with the knowledge you need to become a Fur Dresser. 

Each of these courses are 1 week long. We provide everything and you will take home what you make during the classes.

Lone Star State School of Taxidermy’s mission is to teach those who are passionate about this field how to build a lifelong career out of something they enjoy!!

Contact us today for more information on enrolling in one of our courses.